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Denver Garage Doors | (800) 225 – 1908 | Keep your family safe

A garage door can be dangerous. That is why it is so important to keep your pets and family away from the door, especially while it’s operating. A lot of kids won’t think anything of it and will use the garage door as a toy, and pets don’t speak English so it can be hard to keep them away.

We recommend having strict rules with your family about not playing with or around the garage door, and that you keep your pets inside away from the door when you are opening or closing it. Stay safe this Holiday season!!

Denver Garage Doors | (800) 225 – 1908 | Painted garage door panels?

Recently Denver Garage Doors has been seeing the trend of painting the garage door panels on garages. We have to admit that we really love the idea. It is such a creative and easy way to personalize your garage door and add some umph to your entire home. You can paint the entire panel or you can even just paint the border that goes down into the center of the panel. You can paint all the panels the same color, or maybe use a couple complimentary colors. It can be a nice way to tie the entire exterior of your home together! We highly recommend this new trend!

Denver Garage Doors | (800) 225 – 1908 | Repair your garage door the instant you notice something wrong

A lot of people will wait until their garage door completely stops working to call in a professional garage door company to fix it. This can not only put you way behind schedule on that fateful day when you can’t get your car out of your garage, but it can also end up costing you more money.

A lot of the time we can actually repair the smaller part when it first starts to act up and keep your garage door running smoothly. But if you don’t call the instant you notice something wrong with the door it may become too broken to repair and we might have to replace the entire door, costing you a lot more. Don’t wait; call Denver Garage Doors.

Denver Garage Doors | (800) 225 – 1908 | Windows add value

Most people nowadays have windows on their garage door. You may be wondering why. Well, windows can really add a sense of style and make the garage door another aesthetically pleasing part of the exterior of your home. Adding windows can actually add value to your home. Windows also allow quite a bit of natural light into the garage during the day which can save you money on your electric bill. If you are worried about privacy and people being able to see into your garage through the windows you can rest assured. All garage door manufacturers make the windows with a tint or film over them that keeps people from being able to see from the outside in. Call Denver Garage Doors today if you want to find out more about adding windows to your garage door.

Denver Garage Doors | (800) 225 – 1908 | Are your doors locked?

A lot of people are not in the habit of locking their doors, they know Denver is a pretty safe place and they might not be concerned about people breaking in. And even though we love Denver and know it is a very safe place, we still want to put safety first. We care about keeping our neighbors safe!

Denver Garage Doors want to remind you to lock your doors after you enter your home. Also lock the door leading from the garage into your home. Lock your car doors. And please close your garage door after entering or exiting! We believe in safety and security!

Denver Garage Doors | (800) 225 – 1908 | Dangers Of Poor Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door is the largest moving part in your house. It can also be the most dangerous.

We won’t try to scare you with epic horror stories of garage door FAIL. You can Google that yourself, but be prepared for gruesome tales of decapitation, lost limbs and lifelong suffering.

Every single day in this country, a garage door repairman goes to a job where there is blood splattered everywhere.

But that won’t happen to you if have your garage door installed by a reputable and experienced technician, if you follow the the simple maintenance tips outlined in your owners manual, and if you have ALL repairs done by a professional.

Denver Garage Doors | (800) 225 – 1908 | Same day service

If your garage door breaks down it can really put a hamper on your day. Denver Garage Doors understands this and want to repair the door as quickly as possible to get you back on schedule. Most garage door companies will have to schedule your appointment for at least a few days later, which can be very irritating for you. Denver Garage Doors can always have a technician out to repair your garage door the same day you call. Don’t wait and put up with a broken garage door, call Denver Garage Doors now!

Denver Garage Doors | (800) 225 – 1908 | Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

One of the best garage door openers for the money is the Chamberlain garage door opener. Chamberlain can be found at any hardware store and they are fairly simple to install, they even offer how to information on their site to help make the process of installation as easy as possible. Denver Garage Doors can certainly install or repair Chamberlain garage door openers for you. If you are looking for a new opener we would highly recommend going with Chamberlain.

Denver Garage Doors | (800) 225 – 1908 | Looking to upgrade your garage door?

If you have been thinking about selling your home, or simply upgrading the exterior one of the fist things you should consider is upgrading your garage door. The garage door takes up a substantial portion of the exterior of your home and can improve the value of your home significantly. There are simple upgrades that can be done to help such as: painting the door, adding decorative hinges, and adding other small features. If you are looking to change the door in a dramatic way it is best to contact a garage door company to over the options available to you.

Denver Garage Doors | (800) 225 – 1908 | Simple repairs can save money

If you do regular maintenance checks on your garage door you could end up saving yourself a lot of money in the long run. A lot of people don’t think to do maintenance on their door and only call someone to take a look at it once it is already broken. However, if you have someone checking on it regularly they will be able to diagnose any potential issues and repair them before they cause the whole door to break down. Regular maintenance will save you a lot of money in the end, and will keep you and your family safer from garage door mishaps.

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