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Denver Garage Doors | When was your garage door last tested?

Are you aware that there is a very important test that should be performed pretty regularly for your garage door, yet typically is never really taken care of? ¬†Probably not, and that’s okay– ¬†You’re in the same position as most homeowners who think that regular maintenance for items such as their car and garage door are things that can be shrugged off until down the road when things get out of control.

Of course, if you’re a smart homeowner, you take care of regular maintenance for your garage door, which includes a force / reverse safety test to ensure that your garage door never becomes a death machine hell bent on destroying your pets, loved ones, you, and your possessions.

By making sure your garage door has been properly tested, you can make sure that when your garage door hits something, it will immediately stop what it’s doing and have a snickers.


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