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Denver Garage Doors | Answering a question from our mail bag about spring replacement

We recently received this message in our Email from a past customer asking about spring replacement:


my neighbors spring broke on his garage door recently, and he got upset because he said the company that he was gonna have replace them tried to rip him off by having him do both at once. what gives? is that company right?”

We already replied to this customer, but we thought this could be an educational experience for everyone!  No, that other company is not trying to ripoff our customer’s neighbor–  In fact, to the contrary, that company was trying to do them a favor.  Springs are nearly always installed at the same time, which means that they go through similar amounts of stress over their lifetime.  What happens when one breaks, is that those stresses became too great.  The other spring, which is also worn down, will likely break soon.  So rather than have two different visits from a company (and two different purchases of a single spring), you can take advantage of a single service call and a discounted rate on two springs.  A much better option for everyone involved!

Denver Garage Doors | We were open!

You wouldn’t believe how many people needed garage door service on the recent holidays–  And each person that called had the same question:  “Are you guys open today?”  Well, it’s a little late now, but it’s important for you to know that yes, we were open!  We’re always open!  No matter what day of year it is, and no matter what holiday it is, we’re always here to serve you, because we know that you have a very impolite garage door–  It’s not necessarily going to wait for a convenient day to break down, so we want to make sure that we can always be here for you!

Denver Garage Doors | Do you want to help us when we come out?

We’ve had some of our customers turn into real eager beavers when we come out to fix their garage door–  Some even strap on a toolbelt and want to be the next Tim the Toolman Taylor and help us out!

We appreciate that enthusiasm, and if you ever decide you want to be an apprentice garage door repair tech, give us a call!

However, for a multitude of reasons, we can’t allow you to help us.  Not only is it a massive insurance issue, but it’s also a safety reason–  Garage doors are not simple, and they aren’t exactly safe either.  A lot can go wrong when someone lacking experience tackles any aspect of garage door repair or maintenance, which is why this is something best left to the professionals.

As much as you’d love to help, here’s how we recommend you assist us:  Go out and enjoy yourself while we work, and come back to a job well done!

Denver Garage Doors | Read this testimonial!

Every so often, a customer will call in saying that they were unbelievably happy with our service and wanted to tell us.  We usually joke back and say, “Put it in writing.”  So this particular customer asked for our Email address so that they could.

It’s been a while since I’ve been taken so literally.

So she sent in a testimonial, and here’s an excerpt:

“Ive never been so pleased with some one coming out and fixing my house. they were so fast, so proffesional, and he even dressed nicer then you would have thought. I wont use anyone else anymore!”

We love when our customers are happy.

Denver Garage Doors | When was your garage door last tested?

Are you aware that there is a very important test that should be performed pretty regularly for your garage door, yet typically is never really taken care of?  Probably not, and that’s okay–  You’re in the same position as most homeowners who think that regular maintenance for items such as their car and garage door are things that can be shrugged off until down the road when things get out of control.

Of course, if you’re a smart homeowner, you take care of regular maintenance for your garage door, which includes a force / reverse safety test to ensure that your garage door never becomes a death machine hell bent on destroying your pets, loved ones, you, and your possessions.

By making sure your garage door has been properly tested, you can make sure that when your garage door hits something, it will immediately stop what it’s doing and have a snickers.


Denver Garage Doors | Enhancing curb appeal

Lightning question:  What is the quickest way to boost the curb appeal (and possibly even the value) of your home?

Answer?  Anyone?  Bueller. . .  Bueller. . .  Bueller. . . ?

*Buzzer* Wrong!  The answer was not dead silence, but rather, updating your garage door to an updated, modern, brand new garage door–  This simple fix can dramatically influence the look and value of your home since your garage door takes up a lot of the front surface area of your home.

So if you’re wondering how you can make the biggest change for the least amount of money / headache, there you have it!

Denver Garage Doors | What should I do when a garage door spring breaks?

You go to open your garage door, and after a strange sound coming from the opener, you hear a large snap / bang, and suddenly, your garage door is stuck.  What do you do?

You will call a qualified garage door repair technician that offers same day service to come out an assess the problem.  They tell you that you’ve had a spring snap.  What do you do?

You listen to the experts recommendation, which will likely include replacing both springs at once since they usually break around the same time as each other–  You will also get to take advantage of bulk pricing by taking care of your springs this way (If you choose a quality company that offers that, like Denver Garage Doors).  What do you do now?

You sit back and relax while a skilled technician replaces your garage door springs at a great rate, and then you can go about your day when they’re done.

Denver Garage Doors | Why Sensor Beams Are So Important to Garage Door Safety

A garage door is probably one of the heaviest moving objects found in the home. For this reason it is very important to teach your children about garage door safety. The garage is not a safe area where kids should be playing. If children are going to be darting in and out of your garage you should make sure that you door has some advanced safety features. There are some features that can be added to a garage door to ensure optimum safety. For example, safety beams and photo eyes are an extremely important part of the garage door. They can protect children and pets, and even save their lives. As long as the beam remains unbroken the door will continue to close. If a person or pet, or even a piece of paper should break the beam, the door will instantly rise back up. This is an exceptional safety feature that should be installed on every garage door.

Garage Door Sensors

The safety beam is an infrared light that sits near the floor of your garage. If something blocks the beam when the door is closing, the sensor will automatically make the door rise back up. It’s basically a motion detector that can ultimately save a life. These safety beams help protect you and your family from accidents and serious injuries. Also, they help to protect garage door companies from being sued by families who have experienced these types of accidents.

Garage Door Opener Denver CO

You can purchase a new door with safety beams already included with the door or you can purchase safety beams separately starting at about $150-200. If you are not sure how to install a sensor beam, seek help from a professional garage door repair company. A few safety precautions can go a long way! Make sure your garage door is equipped with sensor beams.

Denver Garage Doors | Why you should have tinted / frosted windows

Back in October, we wrote a blog about what windows can do for your garage door, and your home.

Here’s the key though:  You don’t just want clear windows.  Here are a few reasons why you need to have the windows on your garage door tinted, blacked out, or frosted:

  1. Security.  If people can see clearly into your garage, they’ll know what sort of valuables are just beyond that door.
  2. Privacy.  Let’s face it–  A lot of people walk around their home in various states of undress.  Should you have to worry about putting a shirt on before taking out the recycling?
  3. Aesthetics.  Clear windows make the windows of your garage a mess of colors and patterns.  Frosted, tinted, or blacked out window look much cleaner.

We could add more, but there’s a good start as to why your garage door windows should not be clear!

Denver Garage Doors | Why a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

There aren’t too many different varieties of garage door openers–  In fact, there’s really only 4;  3 if you’re a home owner.  Today, I want to tell you why you may want to switch over to a jackshaft style garage door opener.

To make it easy, here’s a little checklist–  If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then a jackshaft garage door opener is for you:

  • Do you have a really tall car?
  • Do you want more vertical clearance in your garage?
  • Do you like owning specialty items?

So what makes a jackshaft garage door opener stand out?  It is mounted on the wall of your garage rather than overhead, which gives you plenty more vertical clearance for whatever you need it for.

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